Webcam full HD (1080p) - With built-in microphone

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This webcams delivers what you want, quality. This small but fine webcam features great benefits, a razor sharp FULL HD 1080P camera, optical lens, built-in noise canceling microphone. And much more.


Sleek design
Easy to use plug and play system
FULL HD 1080P camera
Record videos with super clear image
Noise-canceling microphone
Suitable for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and higher
Also suitable for MAC OS X

Communicate in quality:

A good webcam is essential for a good video call, nothing is more annoying than choppy images or a crackling microphone. Our webcams include everything you need. These webcams use the latest technology, so you can communicate and connect with others in quality without stress! Thanks to the modern design, the webcams are not only beautiful and stylish but also compact and practical, they are easy to mount on any screen. Not in use or want to take it somewhere? Then you can store it again without problems or take it with you in your bag. The convenient plug & play system allows anyone to install and use the webcam. Just plug the webcam into an available USB port on your PC and you're ready to go with your new webcam!

Contact for each:

The user-friendly features of the webcam make it possible for anyone to use it. Want to Skype your grandparents for a while? No problem! Attending that important meeting? Just plug in and talk! Are you a livestreamer and do you need a good facecam? Then this is your chance to enjoy this webcam for a long time and get the best out of it. Home study, work or just a pleasant chat it is all possible!

Technical advantages:

The webcam has many technical advantages such as beautiful colorful images, high transparency and 60FPS image, so you can benefit from beautiful continuous images without hiccups. An ultra-sharp FULL HD 1080P camera and an optical lens ensure that you are clearly in the picture, which is not only nice but also ensures that you can record razor-sharp videos with your webcam. A built-in noise-canceling microphone ensures that you can be heard clearly in any situation, background noise is subtly eliminated.

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