Wake-Up Light - Naturel Sound & Light

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Parya Natural Sound & Light

Preferably you don't want to wake up to the terrible sound of an irritating alarm clock. You do want to wake up with the sun slowly rising and the birds singing cheerfully around you. With a smile you open your eyes and you are ready for a new day. This ideal world will exist from the moment this light alarm is delivered to your home.

Artificial sunrise

With this wake-up light you wake up naturally. Using a special combination of light and many available sounds of nature, a sunrise in nature is recreated. The light intensity slowly increases. This artificial sunrise stimulates the production of watch hormones in your body. So you get out of bed fresh and fruity every day!

Nature sounds or music?

Because not everyone becomes equally quiet from the sound of waves, a babbling brook or birds, you can also choose to wake up with the FM radio. No sound fan at all in the morning? Then only wake up with the artificial sunrise.

Atmosphere, reading and night light

This light alarm is quite multifunctional. For extra relaxation you can use the 6 wellness lights. You can set the color light to change color, or just choose a fixed color setting. You can also dim the light of the alarm clock in 10 different levels. This makes this alarm also suitable for reading or as a night light.


- Artificial sunrise
- Increasing light intensity: 1% - 100%
- Adjustable alarm times
- Alarm function: built-in FM radio or various natural alarm sounds
- Different adjustable light intensities, light colors and light modes
- Durable, energy-saving LED lamps
- 6 possible atmospheric colours
- backlit LCD display
- Powered by 5V USB port

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EAN: 8719689805289

Dimensions: 170x93x170mm
Color: 6 adjustable colors
Material: PC/ABS
Power: 5 Watt
Power supply: Battery
Weight: 450g
Alarm opties: Natural waking up sounds, FM radio, 6 different colors
Bluetooth: No Bluetooth
Wifi: No WiFi
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