Wacaco - Nanopresso DG-Kit - Dolce Gusto Capsule - Adapter Set

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New arrivals! For the Dolce Gusto® lovers Wacaco has developed this capsule adapter; suitable for Nanopresso, the best coffee brewing system for the tastiest hand-made coffees on the go.

The DG Kit makes it possible to use the DG Capsules with the Nanopresso to make an espresso and all the other flavours like latte macchiato, cappuccino etc. The advantage of these capsules is that there are several choices of flavours to choose from and they are easy to make, so little can go wrong and your drink will taste great every time you use it.

Drinks menu
- Dolce Gusto® coffee: Espresso, cappuccino, latte, macchiato, caramel etc.
- Dolce Gusto® Tea: Various flavours, including Chai tea
- Dolce Gusto® chocolate milk

Good to know
- The DG kit can only be used in combination with a Nanopresso coffee machine.
- For some drinks it may be necessary to fill the water tank several times.
- Use the original DG capsules as much as possible, as these were the starting point for the development of this adapter set.

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