Wacaco - Nanopresso - Coffee Machine - Portable - Gold

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Wacaco Nanopresso Coffee Machine

With this portable coffee machine you can enjoy your favourite espresso wherever you are and at any time of the day. Just fill the capsule with coffee at the top and water at the bottom. Press the button on the front and you will have fresh coffee within minutes.

The capsule holds approximately 8 grams of coffee and 80 ml of water, so it will not produce a huge amount of coffee, but it will be enough for 1-2 cups of coffee.


Colour: Gold
Dimensions: 15,6x7,1x6,2 cm
Weight: 350 g
Type of coffee: Ground coffee
Milk frother: None
Number of programs: 1
Suitable for coffee systems: Nespresso
Adjustable water volume: No
Number of mugs: 1-2
Temperature adjustable: No
Mugs warmer: No
Removable water reservoir: Yes
Capacity water reservoir: 80 ml
Anti dripping: Yes
Automatically switching off: Yes
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