Parya Home - Fly Curtain Cattail - 90 x 220 cm - Black/White Mixed - Screen Curtain

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This beautiful 90 x 220 cm Wicotex grey/white cattail fits your caravan, camper or just your door at home. Fly curtains keep pests out in the summer and also have a nice look!

The cat tail curtain is effective in keeping insects out. This cat tail is made with a soft material and is easy to customize by cutting a piece off the bottom. In addition, the cat tail comes with a suspension system. Ideal for any door!

Cat tails door curtains is the best known solution to keep out flying insects all summer long. Durable, effective and decorative, ready to use; can be shortened if necessary. Made of 100% polypropylene, feels like plush.

Dimensions: 90 x 220 cm
Weight: 60g
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