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Parya Board Games: especially in this day and age, board games have received a new boost and we have been looking for family games from home and abroad. A board game is the ideal way to have a social time with friends, family and acquaintances. On our website you can easily buy the most popular games, puzzles and fun hobby items at a super low price.

Board games like Risk and Monopoly, are the ideal pastime to create sociability and provide social entertainment. A game behind a computer, PlayStation or Xbox is not the same as a nice social game with a neighbour or friend. This creates the most fun situations where it often becomes fanatical between the participants.


Board games for young and old

Our range includes children's games, family games and hobby games with a certain theme and many strategic challenges.

Playing a social game has many advantages: Playing provides relaxation and is therefore a great counterbalance to stress. By playing together you get to know each other better, but it is also fun to do something together, it creates a bond. Children play 'because it's fun', but in the meantime they learn a great deal, and the same applies to adults. By playing spontaneously, for example, you also learn to solve problems.