Top Trumps - 5 In A Row - Marvel Edition

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5 In A Row Marvel Characters

Battle fifteen of Marvel's greatest heroes, including Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Black Widow and Miles Morales in Top Trumps Match, the awesome Cube game.

Be the first to get five of these incredible Marvel characters in a row in this awesome twist on the classic matching game. Smash cubes to disrupt your opponent's characters while you line up your own - but watch out for the twist! If one of your opponent's Top Trump cards turns out to match your row of five, they steal victory.

Will you soar to victory with Star-Lord, blast your opponents away with Rocket Raccoon or leave them in the dust with Captain Marvel? With officially licensed artwork, this game is guaranteed to impress kids of all ages, and it comes in a durable, portable carrying case so you can take it anywhere. Perfect for your next journey across the galaxy


Recommended age: 4 years or older
Number of players: 2 players
Game duration: 20 minutes
Kind of game: Agility game
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 27,3 x 26,9 x 5,6 cm
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