Ticket To Ride - Europe - Board Game

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Ticket To Ride Europe

Ticket to Ride Europe takes you from the steep cliffs of Edinburgh to the sunlit docks of Constantinople, from the dusty streets of Pamplona to the windswept station of Berlin. Ticket to Ride Europe takes you on a new rail adventure through Europe's greatest cities at the turn of the century.

In Ticket to Ride Europe, players collect train cards to build stations. They make their way through the various tunnels or try to board the ferry. In this way players master the railways across Europe. Tickter to Ride Europe is an elegant and simple game that you can learn in five minutes.

In the game:

  • 1 Game board
  • 240 coloured train stations
  • 15 coloured train stations
  • 110 train cards
  • 46 destination cards
  • 5 wooden score pawns
  • 1 Game Manual
Recommended age: 8 - 99
Number of players: 2 - 5
Game duration: 60 minutes
Kind of game: Strategic game
Material: Cardboard
Dimensions: 41,5x30x9 cm
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