Ticket to Ride - Amsterdam - Board game - Dutch Edition

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Welcome to 17th century Amsterdam with Ticket to Ride Amsterdam. In the 17th century Amsterdam was the bustling heart of world trade and the richest city in the world! In this short-lived variant of the Ticket to Ride game series, players compete against each other to claim the most lucrative trade routes, complete contracts and collect valuable trade goods from the streets of this legendary city!

As in all Ticket to Ride games, players try to score the most points by claiming routes between two locations (from the 17th century) and obtaining destination cards (in Ticket to Ride Amsterdam these are contract cards). New in this version is the possibility to score bonus points with trading bonus cards that you earn by claiming routes with the cart symbol.

In this edition of Ticket to Ride the well-known train cards are replaced by special transport cards and also the miniature trains are different, these are now miniatures of plastic carts, entirely in the style of the 17th century.


  • 1 game board with the trade network of Amsterdam
  • 64 plastic carts
  • 44 transport cards
  • 24 contract cards
  • 16 trading bonus cards
  • 4 score pawns
  • 1 game manual


Recommended age: 8 years or older
Number of players: 2 to 4 players
Game duration: 15 minutes
Kind of game: Strategic game
Material: Carton
Dimensions: 23,7 x 23,4 x 5 cm
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