Sprinkler - Garden - Multi-Purpose - Max 35m²

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Multifunctional Garden Sprinkler

With this high-quality multi-purpose garden sprinkler, you can easily water small and large areas and make sure your garden does not dry out during the hot summer months. The spray area is adjustable up to 35 m² and can also provide a lot of cooling for your children or pets!


How healthy is your garden? During the summer months, the combination of warm weather and lack of precipitation causes your garden to suffer greatly, often resulting in all your plants drying out. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by using a flexible garden sprinkler that takes the work out of your hands. So you can continue to enjoy the greenery in your garden during the summer!

Working method

Each garden sprinkler has 12 flexible heads that can be adjusted as desired. This allows you to precisely determine the surface you wish to water, and to avoid annoying situations with neighbours. With the ground spike, you can easily move the flexible sprinkler to any desired location. You then connect the water to the connection piece and spray! The Flexible Garden Sprinkler eliminates the need to carry a garden hose across the entire garden.

Water saving

With this innovative Sprinkler System, you will save a lot of water in your household. The 12 integrated nozzles distribute the water more effectively than a normal garden hose, thereby reducing water evaporation. This means that you need less water to moisturise the soil, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Material: Plastic
Colour: Black & Green
Weight: 200g
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