Royal Christmas - Garland - 70 LED lights - 400 Branches

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Christmas Garland With Lights

This Christmas garland with warm LED lights is 540 cm long and, thanks to its connector, can be linked to a maximum of 5 other garlands. The garland is nicely full and wide and decorated with 70 warm LED lights.

Atmosphere maker

This plastic garland is made from high-quality PVC material. With a beautiful Christmas garland around the balustrade, your staircase will immediately be wrapped in Christmas spirit. Especially with a few decorative baubles incorporated. Garlands are available with or without lighting and in various lengths. So you can find the perfect garland for that one place in your home!


The Christmas garland has a length of 270 cm and has no less than 400 branches in the colour green. The diameter of the garland is 40 cm, creating a nice thick and full Christmas garland. The 70 warm LED lights are nicely distributed over the garland and the wires of the warm LED lights are nicely hidden between the branches. With this Christmas garland you can decorate anything, for example your banister, fireplace, or doors as an eye-catcher.


This garland with 70 warm LED lights is delivered individually and in a sturdy storage box, so that you can easily store the garland(s) after the holidays and bring them out again the following year.

Material: PVC
Dimensions: 540x40 cm
Colour: Green
Weight: 1,5 kg
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