Puck Keysafe Key Safe - SKG** Approved

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The Puck Keysafe key safe is designed to store your house keys safely at the house. The Puck key safe can be attached to the façade of the house. By means of the four-digit code the key safe can be opened easily. This code can be set by the user. The key safe is ideal for (elderly) people who have difficulty walking. By means of the key safe the key of the house can be safely stored outside the house. As soon as family, friends and/or carers are at the door, you no longer have to get up to open the door, but they can easily do this themselves by filling in the numerical code and taking the key from behind the security cap. The key safe also has two safeguards to keep the numerical code secret from third parties, namely:

1. The Puck keysafe key safe is provided with an anti read out cap. This cap prevents third parties from looking over your shoulder when you enter the code.
2. If you open the security cap, behind which the key is located. The code also changes. This makes the chance that third parties can see the code very small.

The Puck key safe is the first SKG-IKOB certified key safe. The SKG certification is the quality mark for hardware that has proven to be sufficiently burglar-resistant. The number of stars indicates the burglary resistance of the key safe. The key safe is classified with two stars. The key safe can be mounted on a brick or concrete wall. The key safe is delivered complete with mounting materials and installation manual.

Features Puck key safe
4-digit key safe, 10,000 combinations possible
Adjustable code
Hardened steel cover for burglary resistance
Easy to install - wall plugs included
Privacy shield - anti read out
Code disappears automatically when opened
SKG** approved


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