Pokemon - Sword & Shield - Brilliant Stars - Loose Booster Pack

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Pokemon Sword & Shield Loose Booster Pack

Discover shining constellations and begin your journey to brilliant greatness with Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield Brilliant Stars! Bathed in light, Arceus VSTAR descends to share its divine power with other Pokémon such as: Shaymin , Charizard, and Whimiscott use their newly acquired VSTAR powers immediately, while Mimikyu VMAX, Aggron VMAX, and Kingler VMAX in their Gigantamax form boast the immense power they possess!

Note: There is no choice between the four boosters. The contents of the boosters are the same, it's just the packaging that differs. You will receive one of the pictured boosters.

Material: Cardboard
Dimensions: Normal pokemon card
Colour: -
Weight: 33g
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