Parya Official - Smartwatch - Q819

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SmartWatch Q819 is a device that makes you live in a healthier and more intelligent lifestyle. It helps you to controle your sport activities, so you can get to know your condition better. It follows a few steps and shows you how you are doing with your daily goals. You can share your information on Facebook and Twitter, which might inspire you and your friends to practice more sports.

With the app Hey Band, that belongs to the smartwatch, you can easily safe your information and synchronise it to your phone. 

The Q819 monitors a few aspects of your health: how many hours you sleep, your heart rate, your blood pressure, the amount of oxygen in your blood and the calories you have burned. 

The battery works for quite a long time, it uses less power and it usually able to stay 150 days standby. To light up the screen, you can just turn your wrist. 

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