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Your health and fitness are important, so it's good to keep track of them. An activity tracker makes it very easy for you.

This activity tracker is equipped with a heart rate monitor, also known as the "heart rate monitor". Because you can measure your heart rate before, during and after an activity, you get a very good picture of your condition.

The activity tracker with heart rate monitor offers support for Bluetooth 4.0. This allows you to easily connect the model to your smartphone or tablet. The results are displayed in a clear manner and you can view the data at any time.

This heart rate monitor ensures that you know more about your own health than ever before. The activity tracker with heart rate monitor is waterproof. This means that you can easily rinse it off under the tap. However, it is not recommended to wear the activity tracker while swimming.

Keep a close eye on the results of the measurements of the activity tracker with heart rate monitor and achieve the goals you want to achieve. Improve your own fitness with the help of a comprehensive activity tracker with heart rate monitor. Your sleep can also be easily recorded with this model.

The main features of the activity tracker with heart rate monitor:

Bluetooth 4.0
Real time heart rate monitor
Sleep tracking and fitness monitor
Support for Android (from 4.4) and iOS (from 7.0)
Possibility for push notifications
Languages: English, German, French, etc.
Available in black, blue, purple and white

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