Parya Official - Playstation 5 - Vertical Stand - Black

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Vertical Stand For Playstation 5

Keep your console stable with the Parya Official Vertical Stand. This stand is equipped with a cooling fan for the PS5 console. The 2 built-in fans ensure that heat from your console is properly dissipated. This improves the operational life of your PS5.

The vertical stand is not only equipped with a cooling fan, but it also features 2 charging points for your PS5 controllers. These can be charged simultaneously.

The stand has an extension for USB and HUB ports. This allows you to connect more USB devices.

You can store no less than 14 Playstation 5 cases next to the PS5. The extra storage space ensures that no more game cases lie everywhere.


Please note: No Playstation 5 is included with this product.

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