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Painting On Number Venice

From now on you can conjure up the most beautiful designs on canvas in a fun and simple way and proudly enjoy your own works of art on the wall. With this creative activity you will also relax and fill your free hours with ultimate happiness. Bring out the true artist in you and create the work of art of your dreams with painting on number!

Spectacular design

With this relaxed way of painting you can bring the most beautiful designs to life and create a unique work of art every time. This way, you do not only enjoy hours of painting fun, but also have a beautiful personal painting on your wall.

Paint by number, the unique hobby

Awaken your inner artist with paint by numbers and at the same time enjoy complete peace and relaxation. With this popular hobby you not only let your creativity run free but also give yourself the space to dream away in a 'zen' way.

The complete diy hobby pack

Your paint-by-number package contains a unique design and all paint necessities in one package, so that you can explore your creativity uninhibited. This beautiful set offers you all the acrylic paint and accessories you need and you can immediately start working on your artwork.

How it works

The included canvas is decorated with a beautiful design consisting of numbered squares, each square corresponding to a specific paint colour. By painting in the right colours, your canvas comes to life and you work step by step on your personal masterpiece.

Package contents:

  • 1x canvas (please note that the canvas must be ironed before use)
  • 3x paint brush and 2 hooks
  • All necessary acrylic paint
  • 1x example in colour
  • 1x example in numbers on paper
Dimensions: 40x50 cm
Material: Canvas
Recommended age: 8 +
Theme: Venice
Kind of painter set: Painting by number
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