Parya Official - 3 in 1 Brush - Dryer & Volumizer

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Multifuncional 3 in 1 hairdryer brush 

This hairdryer brush offers various possibilities! So you can use this brush to dry your hair quickly and at the same time it also provides mega volume. The brush has a ceramic coating to protect your hair.

  • Dry and style your hair at the same time;
  • You also create extra volume;
  • Gives you shiny, soft hair that looks great in the style
  • If you have fringes, they are also easy to shape with the brush!


The hairdryer brush has 3 different settings:

LOW The brush is set to low temperature and high speed;
MEDIUM The brush is set at high temperature and low speed;
HIGH The brush is set at high temperature and high speed. 


Tips for use:

1. Make sure your hair is towel-dried for faster results.
2. Brush your hair well after washing it to prevent tangling.
3. Divide the hair into four sections with hair clips. Blow-dry each section from the bottom up, taking care not to use too thick sections.
4. Start blow-drying close to the hair root and continue to the ends.
5. Hold the hairdryer brush close to the hair roots for 2-3 seconds for extra volume.
6. To curl the ends, place the hairdryer brush under the ends and hold for 2-3 seconds. Then slowly start to turn inwards.
7. To curl the ends outwards place the hairdryer brush over the ends. Hold for 2-3 seconds and then start to turn outwards.

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