Parya Official - Mousetrap - Reusable - 12 Pieces - Black

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Parya Official Mouse Trap 12 Pieces

With this Parya Official mouse trap you will be rid of all your rats or mice in no time! This trap works very simply and can be used by anyone. The mousetrap hits with a fierce force so that the vermin have a quick and painless death. The mousetrap has been developed in a special way, which makes it extremely hygienic and reusable.

Steps for the Parya Official mousetrap:

  • Detach the bait tray at the bottom of the mousetrap.
  • Fill the bait tray with bait and place it back in the trap.
  • Place the trap in the desired location(s).
  • Tighten the mousetrap.

In the package you get no less than 12 mousetraps.

Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 11x5,5x5 cm
Colour: Black
Weight: 316g
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