Parya Official - Mini Blender - Rechargeable - 350ML - Pink

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Portable Mini Blender Pink

This stylish blender by Parya is a combination of a blender and a portable (water) bottle and contains the latest technology. Make your favourite fruit juice, smoothie or milkshake on the go, at work, in class, at the gym or use it in the kitchen to quickly mix smaller portions. The Parya portable blender is a healthy and tasty alternative to get healthy energy on-the-go!


Parya's portable blenders can also be used as drinking bottles. Smoothies, fruit shakes, sport shakes etc, it is all possible with the Parya blender. The device is small and handy to take with you and rechargeable via the usb port. The smoothie maker can therefore be charged on the laptop or with a powerbank. The mini blender is made of very robust material and is fully waterproof. Portable and light so ideal for travelling or at the sports club. The appliance is also excellent for making fruit purees for the baby and very safe to use thanks to the magnetic induction safety; the appliance stops turning as soon as the lid is opened!

Dimensions: 23.5x7,8 cm
Weight: 505g
Power: 65W
Type of Product: Blender
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