Parya Official - Gaming Headset - 3.5 mm jack - Black & Blue

Article number: 7C - EV
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Parya Official's headset is designed for gaming. The headset is compatible with the Playstation 4, Nintendo 3ds, PCs and other devices with a 3.5 mm jack.

The adjustable headband with soft padding ensures that you can game for hours without noticing the headset.
Built-in microphone - Control cable to manage volume and microphone, and self-power off.
Comfort-soft padding for the headband and ear muffs that can last for hours and not feel overwhelmed.
LED lighting - Take two sockets, one microphone and one audio and one USB port works for lighting in blue.
Long cable - It has a cable of 2.2 meters, which allows a certain high mobility and autonomy when moving.

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