Parya Official - Baby Backpack - Changing Pad - Grey

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Parya Official Baby Backpack Grey

This nappy bag from Parya Offical has many different compartments, and is therefore indispensable for every parent with a newborn baby or toddler. The backpack is super easy to use and you can take a lot of stuff with you. The backpack has a changing pad so you can change your child quickly and easily. The backpack has a lot of space, for example for a cuddly toy or some drinking bottles for the road.

Changing pad

When your child is very tired, you can easily open the bag and lay your child down in it to take a nice nap. This space is also suitable for changing the child's nappy. You can easily take the bag with you and attach it to the pram using the Buggy straps supplied.


The bag has several spacious compartments, so you can take all the essentials with you. These compartments are on the inside of the bag, but also on the outside. With these compartments you can take along cuddly toys, clean nappies, clean clothes, drinking bottles and much more.

The outside and inside of the bag is water resistant and can therefore withstand a downpour. Even if something leaks into one compartment, the items in the other compartments will not get wet.

Material: Polyester & Fleece
Dimensions: 32x19x41 cm
Colour: Grey
Weight: 1.2 kg
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