Parya Official - LED Wall Light - Outdoors - With motion sensor

Article number: 12A/20E
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This wall light is ideal for good lighting around your shed, house or garage. The outdoor lamp automatically turns on when motion is detected in a dark area. Because the lamp is equipped with a motion sensor, it never wastes energy. The lamp will only turn on when it is needed. Extremely handy in the dark!

The lamp is equipped with 4 built-in LED bulbs that produce 150 lumens each. With this you will always have a good and a high quality light source in the places where you will need it. You can mount the lamp exactly so that it shines on the spot that needs to be illuminated.

The wall lamp has a 120 degree sensor angle and if no movement is detected for 20 seconds, the lamp will automatically switch off again.
The detection range is 5 to 8 meters. The outdoor lamp is energy efficient and runs on batteries (not included).

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