Parya Home - Game chair with Head Pillow - Adjustable Armrests

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The Parya Home office chair is designed in a special way to combine comfort and functionality.

The supports of the chair reduce back and neck pain, and the chair also provides better comfort. This helps to reduce fatigue and increase your productivity.

You can adjust the armrests upwards or downwards to make sure you are seated properly. The wheels are made of nylon so the chair does not move. So you can sit on the chair for hours without anyone bothering you.

The chair is very easy to assemble due to the extensive manual.

Dimensions (HxWxD)132 x 72 cm

Seat depth 49 cm

Minimum seat height 450 cm

Maximum seat height 550 cm

Dimensions: 65 x 58 x 132 cm
Weight: 10 kg
Colour: Black
Max. Carrying capacity: 150 kg
Height adjustable: Yes
Including headrest: Yes
Including armrest: Yes, adjustable
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