Parya Home - Bookcase - white - 8 compartments - incl. wall hook

Article number: 1E - EV - LBC52WT
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This Parya Home bookcase is the dream for real book lovers:

One of the tools to broaden your knowledge are books, so these books should be well stored and kept in good condition. This can now easily be done with this bookcase. But not only books can be put in it, you can also put DVD's, CD's, potted plants and decorative items in it.

With the easy manual you can easily assemble this bookcase, an L-shaped corner iron is also included. With this you can also hang up the bookcase without it ever tilting. The bookcase has 2 large and 6 small compartments.

Material: Wood
Dimensions: 100 x 97,5 x 35 cm
Colour: White
Weight: 15 kg
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