Parya Home - Black Waste Bin - 2 x 30 Liter - 2 Compartments - Stainless Steel

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Parya Home

We at Parya Home have a wide range of products to make your house a home. We offer a wide range and combine functionality with quality. It falls easily to combine with other pieces of furniture. This furniture has a modern look and you can easily combine it with other furniture. In short, always the furniture that fits your needs.


A real asset for your kitchen: a waste garbage can in itself does not have to look like waste; with its elegant gray color and simple look, this waste garbage can from Parya Home will be an eye-catcher in your kitchen Ready in one step: the pedal bin features pedals making it easy and hygienic to open, and has 2 inner buckets so you can throw your waste in it separated by material - making waste disposal and sorting a breeze! Shows soft side, too: Although it has a hard outer bucket, this trash can also has its softer side - With the built-in damper, the lid doesn't slam shut abruptly, but closes slowly and silently; The airtight seal keeps your family safe from bacteria and foul odors Bucket within a bucket: you can easily lift the two inner buckets out of the garbage can using the practical metal handles. So if a waste bag ever tears, you can clean the bucket without any hassle.

Dimensions (HxWxD) 65 x 58.6 x 32 cm


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