Bin 60L - Waste separation system - Stainless steel

Article number: LTB60NL
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This Parya Home bin is ideal for separating your waste. Nowadays it becomes more and more important to separate waste. However, many people only have one bin for everything. With this Parya Home bin you don't have that problem anymore.

You don't have to use your hands to open the bin. It has two pedals for each bin, so you can never throw away your waste into the wrong bin. The bin has a built in silencer, this prevents a loud bang when you release the pedal of the bin.

The bin is made of metal and the lid of environmentally friendly plastic (ABS). It also prevents the smell of dirt that normally hangs around the bin. The bottom of the bin has a plastic footrest, which makes it easy to move and also prevents scratches on your floor.

Material: Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 58.6 x 32 x 65 cm
Colour: Silver
Weight: 9,1 kg
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