Parya Home - 5-layer Shoe Rack - 20 Pairs Of Shoes - Black

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The 5-level shelf can be supplemented with connectors using our 3-level shelf. Each shelf comes with 2 connectors, and you need 4 connectors to stack the shelves safely. With the extension you get a shelf of 165 cm, which can accommodate up to 30 shoes (depending on the type of shoe).

The shoe rack is suitable for any kind of shoes, also trainers and boots can be easily stored in the shoe rack.

The spacing of the levels is 22 cm, so you can easily store different shoes. Even short boots and high trainers fit easily on the shelf. Taller shoes can be stored on the first shelf, where they have plenty of space and a good grip.


Dimensions (hxwxd): 104 x 74 x 0 cm
Number of pairs of shoes: 20 pairs
Weight: 6.7 kg

Dimensions: 140 x 74 x 31 cm
Material: Metal
Colour: Black
Weight: 5.7 kg
Number of Shoes: 20 pair
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