Parya - 5 in 1 Car Kit - Bluetooth

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This 5 in 1 Parya Car Kit makes hands-free calling very easy. Plug the 5 in 1 Wireless Car Kit into your 12 or 24V outlet, pair it with your cell phone via Bluetooth (once) and then set the transmission frequency to play sound over the speakers in the car.

Remote control included
The remote control allows you to operate the 5 in 1 Car Kit remotely. With remote control you can answer phone calls, change channels, search through folders on a USB stick or TF card or control the equalizer.
You can easily play your own music via SD / TF memory card or USB Stick. The 5 in 1 Parya Car Kit supports MP3 and WMA audio files.

Super flexible!
The car holder can be rotated 360 degrees so you always have a good viewing angle. The car holder stays perfectly in place thanks to the shockproof ring which prevents vibrations on uneven roads.
Simply connect/pair your phone with the Bluetooth FM transmitter and answer calls wirelessly and automatically. Safe and easy.
Thanks to the prominent buttons, the operation of the Car Kit is very easy and convenient. Turn the knob to increase or decrease the volume, press the button to control music or to answer phone calls.

You can easily play your own music via SD / TF memory card or USB Stick.

Via the 3.5mm Jack jack it is even possible to connect your Phone or iPod, MP3 Player via cable.

Dual 2 X USB port 0.8a and 2.1a for charging your phone or connecting a USB stick.With this 5 in 1 Car Kit is hands-free calling easy. 

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