Parya Garden- Shelf unit - 5 shelves - 180 x 90 x 40 cm - Black

Article number: GLR040B01
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Parya Garden We at Parya Garden have a wide range of products to make your garden a nice and cosy place. We offer a wide range and combine functionality with quality. It is easy to combine with other garden articles. Make your garden an extension of your home with Parya Garden garden products!

Quick reminder: how do you store the necessary kitchen utensils after a barbecue or camping trip? Do you just leave them in the garage? No! Put them neatly on our storage rack so that you can quickly find everything again.

Why: Where do you want to store heavy tools? leave them to a professional - this heavy-duty shelf! Reinforced steel frame, additional crossbars, anti-tipping tray - each shelf level can withstand weights of up to 175 kg.

A change for all: car tyres, toolboxes or large cleaning buckets - whether large or small, they all fit on this shelf! the height of the shelves can be easily adjusted. you can also divide the shelf into 2 small ones. Garage, cellar, workshop: This 5-storey shelf fits perfectly in your garage, workshop, laundry room, cellar or shop. Just place it wherever you need extra storage space!

Service Do you have a question about one of our products? Our customer service is available every day to answer your questions. We guarantee you the best quality and service before, after and during your purchase.

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