Parya Garden - Ladder - 3,5 m - silver

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Time This Ladder: It's not always easy to paint walls, hang lamps and clean roof edges without a ladder. Climb this multi-functional ladder to help you get the job done.

Certified quality: aircraft-grade aluminium makes this ladder sturdy and durable, with a load capacity of up to 150 kg. The ladder itself weighs 18 kg.

Flexibility with safety: Reinforced by 10 cm diameter hinges and secured by safety locks, the shape of the ladder can be easily adjusted: scaffold, A-frame, straight ladder and more.

Good stability: It is no longer necessary to keep up with a wobbly ladder. With stabiliser bars at both ends, non-slip feet and grooved steps, this ladder won't slip on every step you climb.

What's in the box: A stable and sturdy ladder for multiple jobs and 2 metal plates to make a long non-slip work platform. Fold it up when not in use to save space.

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