Parya Garden - Garden Spotlight - Outdoors - Solar Energy - 4 Pieces

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Outdoor Ground Spot

Beautiful ambient lighting for the garden with no fewer than 10 LEDs per spotlight. These LED ground spots are the perfect solution if you have no electricity in the garden or if you are just looking for an environmentally conscious light source of good quality.

The spots take up very little space and can easily be placed anywhere. They provide an atmospheric but calm light and bring your garden to life!

These ground spots have 10 atmospheric lights. The built-in solar cells ensure that the battery is charged effortlessly. This product also has a day and night sensor, so that you do not have to switch the spotlights off every time. This happens automatically! So you are environmentally friendly without any effort!

The spotlights are of good quality and are therefore waterproof and storm-proof. During the day the spots are charged by the sunlight, so that in the evening and at night you can enjoy up to 10 hours of atmospheric lighting!

Dimensions: 12x12x2,5 cm
Weight: 516g
Color: Silver
Fitting: No socket
Light source: Yes
Power: 10x1W
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