Parya Garden - Beachcomb - 195 x 150 cm - Grey

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Parya Garden

We at Parya Garden have a wide range of products to make your garden a nice and cozy place. We offer a wide range and combine functionality with quality. It is easy to combine with other garden items. Make your garden an extension of your home with Parya Garden garden products!

Wouldn't today be the right day for a picnic? Grab this picnic blanket from Parya Garden, a cooler bag, glasses and plates and head to the park with the family for a relaxing day out. Sitting on damp grass is something no one likes. That's why this picnic blanket has a waterproof aluminum underside. This allows you to sit comfortably on the grass and watch some fun at the same time.

Thanks to the fluffy flannel surface and foam padding, you can sit snugly on this blanket without getting stiff from lying down. Did you accidentally spill your drink? Just use a napkin to wipe up the liquid.

Don't be fooled by the dimensions of the spread-out camping mat. Thanks to its practical handle, Velcro closures, light weight and the fact that the blanket can be folded down to a size of only 40 x 26 x 10 cm (L x W x H), you can carry it to the car along with many other picnic utensils

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