Outdoor Living Gemini Parasol - pole parasol - Ø300 cm - Dark Grey

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Sitting in the sun is wonderful, but for a change, you can create a pleasant shade in your garden with a parasol. This beautiful Outdoor Living Gemini pole parasol is made of the best materials and immediately creates atmosphere. The robust parasol is available in 3 colours and therefore perfectly matches your garden decor. The parasol has a round shape (hexagon) with 6 metal ribs and volan. The cloth is made of sturdy 180g/m² polyester in the colour grey. The parasol has a handy windmill that allows you to easily open and close it.

During long term exposure to the sun, discoloration marks may appear on the cloth. A parasol cover will prevent the parasol from discolouring (unevenly). Additionally, you'll keep your parasol free of green deposits and bird droppings and protect it against wind gusts. Even a parasol in its closed position is sensitive to wind. If you use a parasol cover, the wind will flow along the curved part of the cover, keeping your parasol unscathed. Check out all parasol covers here.

It's important to let a wet parasol dry before closing it and using a parasol cover. If you put the cover on a humid parasol, there's a chance that mold will develop in the cloth. Once 'the weather' is in the cloth, these stubborn spots are very hard to remove.

Dimensions: 300 x 300 cm
Colour: Black
Weight: 5 kg
Material Cloth: Polyester
Material Frame: Aluminium
Rod diameter: 42 mm
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