Hair remover - Depupler

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Remove fluff quickly with this depurifier!
With this fluff remover you can easily remove fluff from your clothes or other fabrics. This tool has small hooks where the fluff will catch. The head is made of copper and therefore very durable, the holder is made of steel and the handle is made of wood.

Your clothes like new again
You know it, your favorite piece of clothing is covered with fluff after a few times, you leave your garment hanging in the closet or even throw it away. A shame, because with this depurizer your clothes will be like new again in no time!

How does the depupler work?
- Put your garment on the table
- Pull the fabric tight
- Go with the tool over the fabric and remove all fluff and hair
- Your clothes are like new again

Also suitable for removing dog and cat hair.

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