Nespresso De'Longhi Inissia EN80B

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Product Description
This De'Longhi Inissia is compact, stylish and offers everything you could want from a Nespresso machine. To provide exceptional coffee, Nespresso goes to great lengths in the choices they make. From the coffee berries to the coffee you drink: expertise, knowledge and passion are central to every step of the process. Nespresso offers 25 exclusive coffee blends, a diversity of flavors and aroma profiles. When purchasing a Nespresso machine, you will receive a welcome pack with 14 different coffees. Try which coffee suits you best.

Nespresso strives for a sustainable operation, which is why they started the AAA Sustainable Quality Program in 2003 in collaboration with the environmental organization Rainforest Alliance. Today, more than 70,000 farmers participate in this program in 12 different countries to protect the future of quality coffee as well as that of the coffee farmers. In addition, preservation of the environment also plays a major role in the AAA program. For example, Nespresso compensates for its CO2 footprint by planting additional trees. Nespresso is able to recycle 100% of the capsules produced. Recycle by handing in your used capsules at one of the return points. For more information, go to


Welcome package with 14 different types of capsules
Goes into standby mode after 9 minutes
Drip tray for 9-11 capsules

Good to know:

For optimal use, we recommend the use of original Nespresso cups. If other cups are used, there is a risk that the machine will leak

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