Nedis Microphone | For use with: Desktop / Notebook | Wired | 1x USB

Article number: AA - MICCU100BK 
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This Nedis® conference microphone is super handy for facilitating Skype business meetings and conference calls. Or use it during a night of gaming with friends so you can voice chat, or on many more occasions.

Plug, play, present
The microphone delivers high-quality recordings and picks up sound very clearly within a range of 3 meters; you can move freely without having to pull the microphone towards you. Plug the microphone into a USB port on your notebook or PC and just start - no extra drivers or external power adapters are needed at all.

The microphone has a touch sensor, so you can turn off the sound without an audible click. This is useful if you want to switch off the microphone discreetly. An LED light shows whether the sound output is on.
The bottom has a rubber plate that prevents scratches.

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