Monopoly Friends - The Television Series - Board game - English

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Monopoly Friends

"How you doin'? True fans can now combine their love for Friends and Monopoly in this great board game! Play with your favourite members of this cosy group of friends and buy the most famous moments from the legendary series. Monopoly Friends is another great variant of the classic board game, which this time focuses on the hugely popular television series.

Are you also so crazy about the Friends series? Then this special Friends edition of Monopoly is the perfect board game for you! Play as your favourite character. Play with the dino if you want to be the Ross character. Or are you more of a control freak like Monica and choose the chef's hat? It is up to you!

The game takes you to the most famous places from the series, such as the famous coffee house and the flat of Monica and Rachel.


  • Game board
  • 6 Friends pawns
  • 28 property cards
  • 16 Apartment 19 cards
  • 16 Apartment 20 cards
  • 32 coffee cups
  • 12 Banks
  • Play money
  • 2 dice
  • Game rules

English version

Recommended age: 8 years or older
Number of players: 2-6 players
Game duration: 120 minutes
Kind of game: Strategic game
Material: Carton
Dimensions: 40,3 x 27,1 x 5,3 cm
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