Mini Drone F89 with 1080P HD Camera - Indoor & Outdoor

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Mini Drone F89 with 1080P HD Camera, Indoor & Outdoor, For Children & Adults, +/- 40 Minutes Flight Time.

Are you looking for a Mini Drone where you can make beautiful images inside or outside and have fun? Then this Mini Drone F89 is the best choice because it is equipped with a 1080 HD camera and is controlled by the supplied remote control or your smartphone via the app. In addition, the Mini Drone F89 has a hover mode function that allows you to make extremely sharp images while the drone remains hovering at one height.

Mini Drone F89 with 1080 HD Camera
✔ Includes 1 additional free battery of 1800Mah each.
✔ Automatic takeoff.
✔ Automatic landing.
✔ Can maintain altitudes (hover mode).
✔ Return mode.
✔ Take photos & videos while flying.
✔ Includes a bottom and front camera.
✔ Controllable via app & remote control.
✔ Track live footage.
✔ +/- 20 minutes of flight time per battery.

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