Military flashlight - LED flashlight - 2000 Lumen - Zoomable - 2x

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You receive 2 torches!

Whether you need to get something out of the attic, are camping or taking a walk in the dark, this military-grade torch is always useful. It will provide you with enough light for anywhere from 500 metres to 1 kilometre! It is also used by US Navy Seals, police officers and rescue teams because it is specially designed for the most extreme situations. The solid casing means you can even break glass with the back. Not only does it provide better visibility in the dark, but its bright light can blind/disorient any intruders or attackers. Take it with you and feel safer immediately! You will receive two military torches.

Specifications military torches
Batteries: 3 AAA batteries (not included)
Colour of light: White
Up to 2000 x zoom for wide to concentrated beam of light
With flashing light function for disorienting/blinding effect
Up to 40 times brighter than traditional torch
Designed for a range of 500 metres to 1 km
Extremely strong housing
Power of up to 2000 lumens
Length: 14 cm

Dimensions: 14 CM
Weight: 60g
Color: Black
Fitting: -
Light source: 3 x AAA Battery
Power: 2000 Lumen
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