Merkloos telefoonhouder fiets - Universeel - tot 6 Inch - EV

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With this phone holder (colour black) for the bicycle, you will never get lost again and you are always reachable! This phone holder holds your phone firmly by means of four pressure points, which can be tightened with a screw. Where other systems sometimes fail, your phone is 100% safe in this holder and will not come out of the holder. This phone holder for your bicycle is able to rotate 360 degrees, so you can choose the best angle for your screen at any time.

The phone holder is available for all bicycle handlebars with a diameter between 1.6 and 2.9 mm. It can also be used for phones up to a width of 9.5 cm and a height of 18.5 cm. So it is almost suitable for any bicycle and any phone.

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