MasterLock - 5-Piece Padlock Set - Steel

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MasterLock 5-Piece Lock Set

With this Package Outdoor from Masterlock you can travel. This package contains all kinds of products that will make securing your belongings easier. The products not only make it easier for you, but also for criminals to steal or break in.

The Masterlock Outdoor Package contains:

  • Extra Thick Padlock

The Master Lock No. 2940EURD padlock with solid body has a 40mm wide, extra thick solid brass body that is strong, durable and corrosion resistant. The shackle with a diameter of 6 mm is 22 mm long and made of hardened steel and is therefore extra resistant to cutting and sawing.

  • Padlock with Key and Adjustable Headband

For internal or external use; ideal for securing bicycle, gate lock, garage lock and more. 5-piston cylinder for excellent burglary resistance; Double locking lever for excellent protection against forcing and hammering.

  • Latch made of Hammered Steel

This bolt has an 89 mm long body made of hammered steel. The galvanised hardened steel latch provides extra strength and weather resistance. The hardened steel plate and locking eye are resistant to cutting and sawing.

  • Python Locking Cable

The adjustable cable lock is 1.8m long and has a 8mm diameter steel braided cable for maximum strength and flexibility. The protective vinyl coating prevents scratches. Integrated locking mechanism with keys and pin cylinder provides superior creak resistance.

  • Cable with a weatherproof padlock

The cable with loops at the ends is 4.5 metres long and has a 10 mm diameter steel braided cable for maximum strength and flexibility. Protective vinyl coating prevents scratching. The padlock has a coated laminated steel body 40 mm wide for maximum strength and reliability. The 9 mm diameter shackle is 29 mm long and made of hardened steel, making it extra resistant to cutting and puncturing.

Material: Steel
Dimensions: Multiple dimensions
Colour: Multi colour
Weight: 3kg
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