Kotion Each G2000 - Gaming Headset - Black / Blue

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The long gaming hours will be more comfortable than ever! The soft material on the headset will feel much nicer on your head and the build-in LED lights will give a nice extra effect.

Because of the "surround sound" that the headset has, you will hear the game sounds all around you; you will hear everything that is happening in your game, so you will be able to react much quicker. Another nice feature is the microphone, you will be able to talk to your fellow gamers. And the sounds coming from outside will be blocked because of the noise cancelling. Your concentration will be much better; not only when you are gaming, but also when you are working or studying!

Dimensions: 20 x 9 x 20 cm
Colour: Blue
Weight: 531 g
Microphone: Yes, adjustable
Battery life: Not relevant
Charger time: Not relevant
Bluetooth: Not relevant
Cord length: 2 meter
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