Intex - Pool Maintenance Kit - Telescopic Handle

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Pool Maintenance Set

This cleaning set provides you with the most important tools to remove dirt from your pool. The set includes a bottom cleaner, a scoop net and a telescopic handle. The set is recommended for pools with a diameter of 488 cm or less.

Bottom cleaner

Make sure there are no leaves or sand on the bottom of your Intex pool. This handy bottom cleaner is ideal for cleaning your Intex pool. You connect your garden hose to the bottom cleaner. This creates enough suction to suck up the dirt from the bottom of your pool. This way, sand, grass, insects and leaves on the bottom of the pool are no longer a problem. This remains behind in the supplied collection bag.

Scoop net

Enjoy a clean pool thanks to this scoop net! With this net, you can easily remove leaves, insects and other debris from the water of your pool. The net has a fine mesh so that no dirt flows through.

Telescopic handle

The above parts can be connected to the telescopic handle that comes with it. The handle has a retracted length of approx. 90 cm. However, the handle can be extended to a length of 239 cm. This allows easy access to all areas. On the handle, there are rotating rings with which you can set the chosen length.

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