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These high quality fitness resistance bands (2 pieces) have a lot of benefits. The resistance bands can be used to make an exercise lighter (eg pull ups). But also be used to heavy strength exercises to do. The power band provides so much resistance that when you do an exercise with it you must constantly make an effort. It is a good addition to a workout and can also be used in the rehabilitation of arm or leg muscles. Use for both at home and at the gym.

These elastic resistance bands are very effective for training the glutes, abs, and legs. There are multiple beneficial effects. It is ideal for keeping fit, shaping the figure, and quickly improving the appearance of the skin in a natural way.

In addition, a practical exercise guide is included to achieve the best results. Also included is a carrying case that allows the resistance baths to be transported comfortably.


-Material: Latex, Nylon.
-Original and versatile design.
-Elastic resistance bands, 2x.
-Resistance level 18kg.
-Flexible tension bands with velcro.
-Used for: abdomen, buttocks, legs.
-Strengthens and increases muscle and skin firmness.
-Includes: Exercise Guide and Carrying Bag
-Easy to transport and store.

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