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Want to buy a storage box for garden cushions?

Are you looking for a sturdy and large storage box for garden cushions and other garden equipment? Then you have a wide choice of storage boxes at parya. The Netherlands is a real frog country where rain showers fall all year round. When the sun shines, everyone is happy to enjoy the sun's rays, just relaxing in the garden. After a lovely sunny day, it is always advisable to store the garden cushions properly, dry and free of sand.

There are many types and sizes of storage boxes available. It is therefore wise to determine in advance where you want to place the cushion storage box. Will the cushion storage box be placed under a roof? Or do you not have a roof? Then you can choose water-repellent and waterproof boxes.
A storage box made from extremely durable teak that has been watered, kiln dried and then finely sanded to give it a very smooth appearance. Teak is known for its exceptional strength and weather resistance, making it much more suitable for garden furniture than any other type of wood. Teak is the perfect choice if you want to purchase a durable piece of garden furniture.

We also have storage boxes that are made from solid acacia wood Our storage boxes are both for indoor and outdoor use and fit well into any interior. Make your home and garden clutter-free with the stylish storage boxes from Parya.

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