FEANDREA - cat tree - 143 cm - stable cat tree with cat house - light grey

Article number: PCT15W
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"A tree?" Yes, kitten, this is not a dream! We know you love looking out your window at the trees. Now you have a scratching post for you! The cuddly cave in the tree gives you a cozy place to retreat and relax
Want to jump around? No problem! With a reinforced base plate and an extra tilt guard, this scratching post has extra stability so you can blow off steam. You can even invite two cat friends (each max. 5 kg)
"An excellent place to relax?" Of course! Have you seen the hammock below? Very soft! You can lie in it and relax! Oh, you want some fun, not just lazing around? This is the time when the fur ball will shine!
"Complicated assembly?" No worries! Thanks to the clear instructions and marked parts, your owner can quickly set up this scratching post for you. You won't have to wait long to get your new kingdom
"No more alone?" With a scratching post like this, you have a lot to do when your owner isn't home: relax, stretch, play... Plus, the soft surface feels like an embrace!

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