Everlands - Christmas Tree - Without Lighting - 210cm

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Christmas Tree 210cm Green

This artificial Christmas tree is one from the Everlands collection. This Christmas tree is 210cm high and when fully unfolded, it has a diameter of 140cm. The weight of the tree is about 19 kilograms. Thanks to the handy stand, the tree stays upright and you can immediately start decorating the tree. This way, you make it a real eye-catcher. The branches are made of soft PVC and are easier to handle than an average artificial tree, once unfolded there are about 1400 branches on the tree.

The Christmas trees of Everlands are of good quality and have a beautiful and natural look. The Christmas tree comes in a sturdy box, so you can store it after the holidays and bring it out again the next year. This way, the tree stays good for longer.

Material: PVC
Dimensions: 210x140 cm
Colour: Green
Weight: 19 kg
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