Everlands - Christmas Tree - With Snow - LED Lights - 150cm

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Christmas Tree With Snow 150 cm

This artificial tree is a beautiful tree that can hardly be distinguished from a real Christmas tree. The artificial Christmas tree is very easy to put up; thanks to the hinge system, the branches only have to be folded down. The artificial Christmas tree has a soft needle. This artificial Christmas tree gives a very pleasant Christmas atmosphere in the house. The tree has a height of 150 cm and when the branches are folded down, the tree is about 1 meter wide.

Ready to go

The tree has about 340 branches that feel softer than a standard Christmas tree, because the needles are softer than normal. In the branches are about 170 LED lights processed. So you have a Christmas tree that is already illuminated and thanks to the snow, the tree looks a lot cozier than the average Christmas tree. The Christmas tree will stand firmly upright thanks to the included stand. 


Material: PVC
Dimensions: 150x100 cm
Colour: Green/White
Weight: 6,5 kg
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