Dog run - For puppies - 8-Piece - Black

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Dog Run 8-Piece

This solid puppy run is very luxurious and ideal for people who regularly have a litter of puppies. The Top Quality puppy run remains namely very long in good condition, is easy to clean and has a very solid design that is easy in daily use.

This puppy run consists of 8 parts of about 80 cm and 100 cm high. In one of the panels there is a large walking door. The panels are connected to each other with metal pins that can be pressed into the ground when the run is set up outside.

Important: This puppy run is particularly intended for use inside the house or under a roof. The panels cannot get wet for a long time. It is also advisable to keep the panels as dry as possible to prevent rust.


  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Iron
  • Dimensions: 80x80x80 cm
  • Number of parts: 8
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